zdSCADA® is one of the largest providers of cloud-based oilfield SCADA-hosting in the United States. All SCADA software is written in-house, from device drivers to web applications. zdSCADA® is accelerating the oil and gas industry's migration away from self-hosted canned software to robust cloud solutions.

zdSCADA® began as the SCADA-hosting system for a midstream operator wanting to lower costs and improve quality. With intensive daily use and a focus on usability, a team of engineers produced an intuitive system with efficient access to useful data. The “zd” in our name is borrowed from the “zero defects” concept of quality management. That focus on perfection has guided us in refining the product into the industry leading solution available today. Founded in 2014, zdSCADA® now provides critical automation, control, and monitoring services in 18 states for 300+ operators at nearly 35,000 locations. In 2021 zdSCADA® received U.S. Patent #11,016,457 covering aspects of our asynchronous polling of disparate devices.

Our collective decades of experience serving the oilfield makes zdSCADA® the perfect partner for companies looking for the most cost-effective SCADA-hosting solution.