Data Security for SCADA Users

Data Security for SCADA Users©2020, zdSCADA, LP. All rights reserved. As data security becomes more critical every day, smart businesses have some level of defense in place. The most common sets of standards for data security are promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Standards for businesses... More

Strategies to Improve SCADA Data Quality

Strategies to Improve SCADA Data Quality©2020, zdSCADA, LP. All rights reserved.Even the best visualization and analysis tools are useless if the source data is incomplete or incorrect. In computer science, it’s called "garbage in, garbage out". In SCADA, bad data means lost time and money. Data quality breakdown happens when... More

Using SCADA for Alarms

Using SCADA for Alarms©2020, zdSCADA, LP. All rights reserved.The most important oilfield application of SCADA is alarming. Leaks, compressor shut-downs, and high tank levels are examples of critical items which demand reliable alarm systems. However, many issues can get in the way of effective alarming. Some problems are strictly technical,... More

SCADA is for Midstream

SCADA is for Midstream©2020, zdSCADA, LP. All rights reserved. As any engineer or operator can tell you, operating a midstream gathering system is a challenge. Along with all the regulatory duties, midstream systems require just as much attention as their upstream counterparts in wellhead production. But the geographic expanse of... More


Why SCADA?©2020, zdSCADA, LP. All rights reserved. Technology changes our lives more quickly than we can even understand. Can you remember what your life was like before cell phones? Before personal computers? Almost every industry has been changed by the marvels of modern technology, and the oilfield is no exception.... More