Data Security for SCADA Users

Necessity, the mother of invention Data security should provide protection from threats of all sources – both friends and foes alike. Typically, we think of the classic foe: the “hacker”. These attackers can be smart, adaptive, determined, and even well-funded. They think like you think and know what you are likely... More

Strategies to Improve SCADA Data Quality

Remote monitoring systems are most valuable when they provide accurate and timely data to the user. Even the best visualization and analysis tools are useless if the source data is missing or incorrect. In computer science, this is known as "garbage in, garbage out". Data quality breakdown can happen when... More

Using SCADA for Alarms

Over the years, I have had many conversations about how to best handle critical alarms. Most recently, a customer from a company in West Texas experienced an oil spill where an alarm notification failed to let him know that a tank was too full and it ran over. The root... More

SCADA is for Midstream

As any engineer or operator can tell you, operating a midstream gathering system can be a challenge. Along with all the regulatory duties, midstream systems require just as much attention as their upstream counterparts, wellhead production. The geographic expanse of a midstream system presents a fundamental problem: how can I... More


Technology is rapidly changing everything about how we lead our lives. Can you remember what your life was like before cell phones? computers? microwave ovens? Few industries have remained untouched by the marvels of modern technology, and the oilfield is no exception. From electronic flow meters (EFMs), to emergency shut... More