Simple, Clean Interface

Custom Dashboards

Build dashboards or choose from pre-built collection. Only see data that is important to you.

At-a-glance Summary

Group devices multiple ways for quick comparison.

Alarm Notifications

Real-time monitoring and reaction to setpoints. Advanced notification schemes with tiered escalation.

Maps Integration

Analyze your data spatially using maps. Upload your.kmz layers to overlay background features.


Seamless Remote Control

Valve Control

Remote valve operation. Built-in support for Electronic Shutdown (ESD) systems.


Change operating setpoints in field equipment quickly and easily.

Configuration Changes

Send configuration changes in bulk. Automatic upload of gas analyses. Automatic time synchronization.


Review, Analyze, and Export

Report Builder

Build reports relevant to each audience. Schedule for automatic email.


Build graphs to analyze trends and scan for abnormalities. Combine data from multiple devices into one graph.

System Balancing

Set inlet/outlet attributes for production meters and pipeline balancing.

Data Exchange

Integrate data with other systems. Multiple export/import formats supported including Web API, FTP, CFX, and CSV.

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